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Limited edition Leather Handbags

Posted on October 11, 2014

Think shoulder bags made from meltingly soft individually hand selected leathers, simple, practical and stylish. And with a 'direct from the designer' price tag, you'll want to snap one up from only 10 made in the first batch. Once these exquisite limited edition handbags go into the shops, their price will be matched with the retailers... so buy them now!
There's two versions, one smaller than the other. Prices £69 and £89 respectively.

Here's a couple of images to give you a taste of them...


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Weddings & Events - what to wear?

Posted on August 13, 2014

If you have worn your occasion outfit one too many times this beautiful British summer season, and want to revitalise your style, without the expense of buying a complete outfit, try accessorising with my bold, yet pretty clutch bags and wrist cuffs. Read on to find out tips and tricks for restyling your occasion dress to last more than one event, and the importance of investing in key quality accessories...

Statement jewellery and conversation starting handbags can completely transform not only how you look, but how you feel. A simple update with a unique handmade pair of earrings, or pendant, teamed with a gorgeous statement handbag is maybe all you need to make you feel you've bought a whole new occasion outfit. And not only that, you will be the only person at the event wearing your unique pieces!

Investing in key accessories is a lot more cost effective in the long run. Buying a mass produced cheap handbag from the high street is not necessarily going to make you feel special, and may not do justice to your dress that you may have spent on for its classic timeless cut that can last for many seasons ahead. A high street mass produced accessory certainly won't last, and no doubt you will get bored of it after one wear. So in effect, it's a false economy.

Many of my customers tell me when they've worn their unique abi-K handbag or piece of jewellery they always get such a positive response, and it makes them feel special knowing no one else has the same piece. Wedding receptions and formal occasion events often mean you are socialising with people you've not met before. So for those with a keen eye for designer accessories, what better ice breaker than to tell the unique story of how your clutch bag is a one off, made from vintage Japanese kimono silk once worn by geishas, and the leather is individually hand selected for it's meltingly soft quality. 

My pieces are designed to last for years into the future and their style won't date. They are handmade using beautiful quality materials.There's no fast fashion here... and each time you wear them you'll feel unique and special.

So you have your main outfit... your dress. After transforming its look with my handbags and jewellery, look to your wardrobe of shoes. You may find that shoes you already own, but didn't think of trying, go brilliantly. The beauty of my bags and cuffs is the bold prints can handle an equally statement pair of shoes. Whether you go for the impact of killer black heels, a bold colour, or the simplicity of nude, gold or silver strappy shoes, all will look great with my designs. Picking out a bold colour, doesn't have to 'match' your abi-K bag either, if done with consideration and style, contrasting colours can be really effective.

Try experimenting with delicious bright lip colours that compliment the vintage kimono silk, or leather that I use in my products. It's a big impact and changes your outfit look for just the cost of a lipstick!  Again, you can match the colour if you like, or go for a contrast. For example bright corals, reds & oranges in lip colour look fantastic with my cobalt blue suede Shard earrings and pendant. Vogue's editors released their favourite lipsticks so try here for inspiration! Lip colour can really accentuate your eyes too, but if lipstick's not your thing, go for a neutral make-up palette, and let the accessories speak for themselves! 

Here's my top clutch bag & jewellery picks for updating a simple elegant dress for a wedding:

Enjoy, be bold & be unique :)


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upto 70% OFF SALE!!

Posted on May 09, 2014

SATURDAY 10th MAY 2014 -  I'll be selling my beautiful pieces at up to 70% OFF at the Bright n Crafty fair in Brighton. Get into the spirit of the Brighton Festival, and see some amazing talented local crafts people. Details below:

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abi-K at Brighton Craftaganza Fabrica Gallery

Posted on November 28, 2013
For unique Christmas gifts, hand crafted in England, come to Brighton Craftaganza at the Fabrica Gallery (opposite Browns restaurant) on SATURDAY 7th DECEMBER, free entry to this fabulous gem of a craft show. Why buy high street when you can shop for individual one off gifts made with love. Give your family and friends something special this Christmas...

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