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Launched in 2011, Abi-K is a luxury accessories label created by Abigail Keefe. She designs unique conversation starting handbags, accessories and jewellery, beautifully crafted in limited editions.

You can buy Abi-K's exclusive collections in her Brighton boutique in The Lanes and also here online. Her beautiful one-off accessories and handbags are made from vintage Japanese kimono obi silks and premium nappa leather. Perfect for gifts or a treat for yourself. 

The vintage 'obis' used in Abi-K's designs are called 'fukuro obi' which are the formal sash worn around the waist of a ceremonial kimono, once worn by geisha or in formal Japanese ceremonies, ranging from 1920's - 1980's. Each sash makes a collection of approximately ten products never to be repeated, meaning every piece is entirely unique and one of a kind. 

Abi believes the jewellery and accessories you wear should make you feel special, so she's created a range of accessories that have a story to tell, and made from the finest hand selected materials. Her designs include cuff bracelets, statement necklaces, handbags, clutch bags, shoulder bags, clutch purses, small purses, glasses cases. You can also adorn your home with her exquisite cushions, table and bed runners and even stunning lampshades. 

Based in Brighton, England, UK, Abi-K designs all her products from her boutique. She cuts the silk herself to determine the layout of the pattern on each item, and hand selects nappa leather individually for its unique premium quality. Her collections are manufactured in small batches by an expert workshop in London. Each piece is unique, individually crafted with a commitment to being lovingly made in Britain.

The label has won 2nd place with the British Jewellers' Association Design Award 2011 for 'Fashion Cuffs' and has exhibited at various shows including Birmingham's NEC 'The Jewellery Show', Brighton's Open Houses, Brighton Fashion Week and Best of Britannia, London.

Abi-K's love of the arts, fashion, design and theatre has stemmed from childhood. She is endlessly inspired by theatrical body adornment, carnival and catwalk inspired pieces, from headdresses to elaborate necklaces & chandelier earrings. Her love of colour, pattern and opulent embellishment naturally drew her to appreciate the beauty in Japanese silks. The mixing of metals is particularly exciting to her; Japanese obis weave contrasts of gold and silver threads throughout the silk, and even in differing grades of gold. Abi's training and background in jewellery design and 3D metals drew her to these silks for this reason.

"I want to do justice to the incredible design and craftsmanship the Japanese are so respected for, so I launched my 'Kimono' collection ensuring my designs are not made in mass production, but designed and made here in England, with each silk selected by hand. It's very important to me to preserve the 'couture' philosophy, ensuring respect is given to the culture from which these silks originate. The ethos of the kimono runs through my designs, and I'm as passionate about kimono obis today as I was the day I discovered them. Owning a piece of jewellery or bag that you know no one else has, a piece that has been carefully designed and handmade will make you feel special every time you wear it, regardless of season or trend. Each of my collections are completely unique and made to be cherished, with a history and story to tell."

Abi-K has worked with various contemporary jewellery designers since graduating in 3D Design-metalwork & jewellery in 1997 from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design in Farnham, as well as working to private commission. With new collections brought out each year, our store has an ever changing kaleidescope of colour and pattern to suit every We'd love to hear from you.

To find out more about what makes Abi-K products unique, read here.

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