What makes Abi-K unique?


Abi-K designs unique bespoke accessories made from vintage Japanese kimono obi silk and premium meltingly soft nappa leather. The ‘obi’ is the formal sash worn around the waist of a kimono, ranging from 1920’s upwards and were once worn by Geishas or in formal Japanese ceremonies.  Only an average of 7 products per obi are ever made, making them entirely unique and limited edition. Abi-K designs all pieces herself in her boutique in Arundel, West Sussex, UK, and all unique pieces are expertly manufactured in Britain by an artisan workshop in London. She designs each piece with great care and attention to detail to ensure you own a special wearable work of art with a story to tell.

The patterns in the vintage Japanese kimono silks are symbollic to create one-off beautiful hand bags including clutch bags and shoulder bags, cross body handbags, purses and matching wrist cuff bracelets. She has expanded the range to include stunning home décor; cushions filled with duck feather pads, table runners, bed runners, lampshades, curtain panels and framed wall art. 

Abi-K is a great advocate of maintaining the 'couture' philosophy. All her products are designed and individually crafted in England, Britain. She believes talented crafts people in this country should be rewarded for their skills, and does not send any of her designs abroad for production. The 'made in Britain' or 'made in England' philosophy stands for quality. It represents exceptional attention to detail and products that will transcend fashion seasons and trends. It is your stamp of approval that your product is unique, bespoke and a quality work of art. Not a cheap, fast, mass produced item; it has been lovingly designed and expertly manufactured.

Each piece of kimono silk is cut according to where the pattern lays. Abi-K does this herself, determining the design and look of each piece. Great care is taken to ensure the pattern is in perfect juxtaposition with other elements of the products, meaning your piece is completely exclusive, unique and one of a kind.

You will find Abi-K's logo and 'made in England' laser etched into many of her products. The acrylic buttons on her Asymmetric Clutch Bags for example are specifically made, and not pre-bought from another supplier. They are truly unique. The hexagon shape you see featured on the buttons is symbollic in Japanese kimonos. The repeating pattern of hexagons can be found on many of the silks used. It is called 'kikko' meaning 'tortoiseshell' that represents happiness and longevity in Japanese culture, and often used in wedding kimono. And so the hexagon has become synonymous with Abi-K designs.

Her wrist cuff design won 2nd place British Jewellers' Association Design Award 2011 for 'Fashion Cuffs'. The ingenious magnetic clasp is a unique design to Abi-K. It cleverly combines a slide lock mechanism to ensure the cuff can't come apart unless removed by the wearer. You won't find a clasp like this anywhere else. It's simplicity means Abi-K produces these cuffs to match her clutch bags. Accessorise your style with these striking, unique limited edition pieces... Be Unique. 

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