abi-K launches online boutique

Welcome! My biggest news right now is the launch of my new online boutique. It's been an intense journey to get this far, but now I have I want to entice you all into the wonderful world of designer jewellery and accessories. I'm passionate about it, I live and breathe design and how I can translate beautiful unique individual ideas into workable wearable designs that make you feel special when you wear them.

You'll find me here sharing my own thoughts and views on everything jewellery & accessories, whether it's insights into my own collections, or other designers and trends. I believe fashion, design and the arts are subjective, so if you'd like to follow my ideas on the world through a design filtered lense, as well as some rather sumptuous offers thrown in here and there, then subscribe to my blog.

I underpin the 'couture' philosophy in all my designs. It's very important to me that my unique pieces are individually made in England. Since childhood I've been drawn to the arts and was always found in the jewellery sections of shops... mesmerised by the most elaborate and enticing of body adornment. So a path of training in design was inevitable. To have the ability to design and make beautiful pieces seems such a waste to have them mass produced where a factory worker is paid little for their time, I don't agree with the ethics. I make nearly all my pieces myself, with the help of two very skilled craftswomen who create each clutch bag without compromise - it's why I hire them. Skilled crafts people should be celebrated, and with so much talent in the country where I reside, why go elsewhere?

There is a place for throw away fashion jewellery (but not in my studio). As consumers we have been fed super cheap high street prices on mass produced copies from the catwalk. I want to flood the world with wonderous uniqueness where every day you can pick a piece of abi-K, and spice up a day time look with a statement necklace or earrings from my Shard collection, or accessorise a simple black dress and heels in the evening with a matching cuff bracelet and clutch bag set from my Kimono-Kouture collection.

All I ask is to 'be unique'... tell the story and enjoy wearing them as much as I have designing/making them.

Have fun shopping in the boutique... let me know what you think? I'd love to hear from you. You can keep in touch here.



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