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Posted on March 23, 2020


Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear lovely Customers,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce due to the Coronavirus crisis, my Arundel shop is 


The safety of all of us is paramount, so closing is the right thing to do. However, I can still serve you! You can still buy online here: www.abi-k.com. I will be adding new products every day, so please keep checking the website.

I can deliver locally directly to you and leave on your doorstep (unless otherwise directed by the government) or post to you wherever you are in the country, or world!

The products will be wrapped and packed under strict clean conditions.

During such difficult times, the creative industry and businesses such as mine, play a valuable role in helping us to stay happy and keep our minds positive.  Instead of visiting venues, we can access the creative arts virtually, rather than having physical contact. So I will be active online through my website and social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all at the same address: @abikdesign


My new collection is arriving this week, so look out for my posts. Join my mailing list too (button on website homepage) and you’ll hear from me straight to your inbox about news, offers and enlightening reads to lift your spirits.


I don’t want my business to go anymore than you do, so please support it, and continue to buy my designs... send gifts to your loved ones to bring a little bit of happiness.

Stay safe and healthy at home.

I look forward to seeing you online!

Best wishes,



Every. One. Unique

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Kim Wilde endorses Abi-K at London ball

Posted on December 03, 2018

Kim Wilde looked fabulous adorning Abi-K’s matching luxe clutch and cuff bracelet in emerald & gold bamboo silk at a ball in London this weekend.

Abi-K attended the Society of Distinguished Songwriters ball in Knightsbridge, following receiving an order to produce 120 unique clutch purses for the ladies attending the event.

The event celebrates the creativity and talent of some of the most prestigious British songwriters, so Abi was thrilled that Lorna and Gary Osborne, hosting the event, had decided to choose an independent British designer to produce the ladies’ gifts.

Amongst a glittering guest list, Abi had the pleasure of meeting Kim Wilde who kindly offered to pose endorsing Abi-K’s Luxe clutch bag and matching cuff bracelet. 

Thank you to Kim for supporting an independent British designer, and a special thank you goes to Lorna and Gary Osborne for choosing Abi-K designs. And for inviting Abi to a beautiful memorable event. 



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The beautiful symbolism of our hexagon buttons

Posted on June 23, 2018

Hexagons feature throughout many Abi-K designs, so we thought we’d share with you their importance and symbolism. The repeating hexagon pattern is common in the vintage Japanese obi silks used in our products. The scale varies, displaying bold geometric designs, or smaller repeating details. This repeating pattern is called ‘Kikko’, which means tortoiseshell. In Japanese culture this represents ‘happiness and longevity’, and often used in wedding kimonos. 

We use the hexagon throughout our products, to give everyone a little bit of happiness and longevity, and it’s simple geometric shape fits well with the clean lines and construction of our products. Abi-K hexagon buttons punctuate our asymmetric clutch bags, shoulder bags, clutch purses and small purses. They are laser etched from either leather or pearlised acrylic. Each batch is made bespoke specifically for us by a local specialist in marquetry. Joe at Heritage Inlay Design Ltd http://www.heritageinlay.com/ has been laser etching our buttons since 2011. He’s Brighton based, and on the same road where Abi hand selects each of her leather skins for each collection. Abi can determine exactly what size each button is, and the laser engraves her logo and ‘limited edition’ or ‘made in England’ on each button.

The same process is used for our leather labels stitched into every handbag.

Take a look at our short videos on Instagram of the laser machine in action at Joe’s workshop:




Hexagon button

Repeating hexagon ‘kikko’ pattern Japanese silk



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Posted on May 24, 2018

Celebrate the Best of Bespoke under one roof! I’ve moved to the High Street in Steyning, collaborating with existing dressmaker Toni at Get Waisted. Come to our launch event on Friday 22nd June 10am-6pm and enjoy 10% off and a glass of fizz! 

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Sustainable Fashion

Posted on February 14, 2018

I was contacted recently by a fashion student who was interested in my designs for her project based on the importance of recycling materials in the fashion industry. Until my communication with her, I hadn’t focussed on promoting this aspect of my business, so I’m greatful to her for highlighting it to me.

I use vintage Japanese kimono obi silks in my designs that date from 1920’s upwards. Most are sourced from Kyoto, and have either been worn by geishas or in formal Japanese ceremonies. Their history and elaborate symbolic designs are endlessly fascinating to me, and my heart jumps when I open a new delivery of obis. My design eye ignites at the prospect of turning them into my accessory designs, to give them a new lease of life, a completely different direction and immersed in a new culture, while giving respect to their original heritage. 

I design products that make women feel special when they wear them. My handbags not only are made from recycling the most exquisite metallic woven brocades, but they carry with them their history and culture. If only the silks could speak, we would be enlightened with stories of traditional Japanese ceremony’s of past. My products are not fast fashion, they are little works of art carefully curated to bring a little luxury into your life.  

I’m often asked if my silks are sustainable, is the supply indefinite? I’ve been buying vintage Japanese obis for ten years now and for each decade that passes, so another decade is defined as ‘from a past era’. So I hope to continue reconstituting these incredible belts of beauty into many more Abi-K products for you all to enjoy wearing and telling their story.

Be unique :)

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