Kim Wilde endorses Abi-K at London event

Kim Wilde endorses Abi-K at London ball

Kim Wilde looked fabulous adorning Abi-K’s matching luxe clutch and cuff bracelet in emerald & gold bamboo silk at a ball in London this weekend.

Abi-K attended the Society of Distinguished Songwriters ball in Knightsbridge, following receiving an order to produce 120 unique clutch purses for the ladies attending the event.

The event celebrates the creativity and talent of some of the most prestigious British songwriters, so Abi was thrilled that Lorna and Gary Osborne, hosting the event, had decided to choose an independent British designer to produce the ladies’ gifts.

Amongst a glittering guest list, Abi had the pleasure of meeting Kim Wilde who kindly offered to pose endorsing Abi-K’s Luxe clutch bag and matching cuff bracelet. 

Thank you to Kim for supporting an independent British designer, and a special thank you goes to Lorna and Gary Osborne for choosing Abi-K designs. And for inviting Abi to a beautiful memorable event. 



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