We've handpicked a selection of bags and accessories that are completely perfect for weddings. Brides, mothers, best ladies and bridesmaids all need a gorgeous bag or purse for those essentials. Our necklaces are fully adjustable, making them incredible statement pieces for a wedding gown or outfit. Then perhaps add a matching cuff to complete the look.

One-off pieces that can be used time and again, always knowing no-one else will ever be wearing the same.

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"Wedding Party"

"After Party"

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"Garden Party"

"Costume Drama"

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"Pretty Pewter"

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"Kyoto Blush"

"Secret Garden"

What customers say...

" Exquisite."

" Makes me smile every time I wear, see and touch them"

Sourced in Kyoto. Designed by Abi. Made in England.

"It's very important to me to preserve the 'couture' philosophy, ensuring respect is given to the culture from which these silks originate. The ethos of the kimono runs through my designs, and I'm as passionate about kimono obis today as I was the day I discovered them. Owning a piece of jewellery or bag that you know no one else has, a piece that has been carefully designed and handmade will make you feel special every time you wear it, regardless of season or trend. Each of my collections are completely unique and made to be cherished, with a history and story to tell." - Read more