Sourced in Kyoto

Exquisite vintage Japanese kimono and haori. Each one is completely unique, a 'one off', entirely hand stitched, often hand silk painted and hand embroidered.

Iconic, ethical, wearable works of art.

Looking for something specific? Browse our women's, men's and children's vintage kimono & haori collections.

Abi has an extenstive collection of authentic vintage Japanese kimono. If you are looking for something specific pop us an email or call into our studio in Brighton.

What customers say...

" Exquisite."

" Makes me smile every time I wear, see and touch them"


"It's very important to me to preserve the 'couture' philosophy, ensuring respect is given to the culture from which these silks originate. The ethos of the kimono runs through my designs, and I'm as passionate about kimono obis today as I was the day I discovered them." - Read more